Cortec Corporation

Cortec is a world-leading manufacturer of innovative, high-tech and environmentally friendly rust protection of the VCI type. They are based on VpCI technology and are used for the protection of components, machines and processes.

Cortec Corporation has a strong focus on developing and introducing organic products for a sustainable environment. They have shown that anti-rust agents can also be environmentally friendly and even biodegradable. Cortec Corporation has a worldwide technical support and distribution network, and is certified according to ISO 9001-14001 and IEC 17025.

You can read more about Cortec Corporation at their website.

Our products from Cortec Corporation

  • Plastic, in the form of, among other things, film, bags and hoses.
  • Protective paper, also reinforced and crimped.
  • Foam which combines rust protection and desiccant.
  • Emitter for use in electrical equipment.
  • Water-based and oil-based rust protection agent that can be applied in different ways.
  • Rust remover for different materials.
  • Degreasing and cleaning you can already use in the production of your products.
  • Additives for different liquids and environments.

Safety data sheets & documents

Here you can read more and download our product sheets, certificates, certificates & safety data sheets.