March 21, 2014

Add anti-rust additives to your paint and varnish

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Do you have corrosion / rust problems from your paint, varnish or coating? No problem! Cortec has a whole range of anti-rust additives that can help you.

Cortec's rust protection additive integrates many different technologies together with its VpCI ( vci ) technology and thus eliminates corrosion / rust caused by corrosive liquids, chlorides or humidity. These additives can significantly reduce costs when implemented in the final product (paint/paint/coating) eliminating expensive materials, rust claims and maintenance labor costs.

You can read about each type of additive in the brochure that you will find here. All additives in the brochure have been developed for specific purposes.

We always recommend that each corrosion protection additive be evaluated for your specific application to ensure compatibility of the additive before implementing the additive at full scale.

Unlike protective coatings and desiccants, the VCI rust prevention method provides both active and passive protection. The chemical corrosion process is immediately affected by vapor phase and contact phase inhibitors.® means vapor phase inhibitor and is a registered trademark of Cortec® Corporation to make clear that Cortec®VCI has a real vapor phase protection and not just a contact protection that most VCI products have. Cortec VCI rust protection (VpCI®) is a cost-effective method that provides multi-metal protection (protection for ferrous and non-ferrous metals in one and the same product).

This is how VpCI works®

VpCI®inhibitor is transported via a vapor phase (see picture) to all surfaces of the metal surface to be protected. As long as there is enough inhibitor in the vapor phase around the metal to maintain a condensed phase on the surface, adequate protection is achieved. The vapor phase only acts as a transport aid from the source to the metal surface where it builds up a molecularly thick layer as protection and thus stops the attack. All surfaces, even crevices, recesses and other inaccessible surfaces are fully protected with VpCI®25 years of use and testing guarantee a reliable result.

Cost effective

Now you avoid surface treatment before application and cleaning when unpacking. Just unpack and it's done. Saves time and labor and reduces material consumption.

Environmentally friendly

Our vci corrosion protection solutions are based solely on environmentally friendly products. Since protected components and parts do not need to be cleaned before use, this means that our vci corrosion protection is the most environmentally friendly and the most user-friendly option on the market. The corrosion protection itself is also largely recyclable.