18 February 2014

Anti-rust camshafts - evaluation by BIOPAD

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The application shows a test done at a camshaft subcontractor, who performed an accelerated corrosion test of camshafts with different packaging options. The customer requested a corrosion protection method that was easy to apply and provided an opportunity for visual inspection of the protected parts.

The parts were packed in a plastic bag with a piece of BioPad. The reference sample was packed in a plastic bag only. All packages were subjected to ASTM D-1748 Climate Chamber Test (50 gr C, 99% rel humidity) for 8 days.

Rust-proof camshafts – not the only thing BioPad can do.

BioPad is a unique flexible rust protection product that is made from Cortec of bio-based non-woven material. BioPad provides an environmentally friendly sustainable packaging method to protect camshafts and other components in the automotive industry from rust and has been awarded USDA BioPreffered (www.biopreferred.gov)

BioPad is impregnated with rust-protective vapor phase inhibitors VpCI and provides up to twice as much rust protection compared to conventional VCI foam products. Thanks to the high concentration combined with its thin construction (up to 94% less material than standard foam materials), BioPad is a very competitive alternative.

BioPad is cost-effective, easy to work with and easy to apply in different product flows.

Our corrosion protection is environmentally friendly

Details to be packed, shipped or stored are all too often exposed to rust. With Tribotec's intelligent rust protection, you get complete rust protection with environmentally friendly VpCI technology. Our packaging solutions are based solely on environmentally friendly products. In combination with the fact that solvents do not need to be used for cleaning, the rust protection is the most user-friendly on the market. The rust protection itself is largely recyclable.

We have solutions for you regardless of whether you need temporary protection in factories, a little longer protection during shipping and storage or long-term protection for stored parts for varying environments and weather conditions.

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