25 June 2014

Anti-rust coatings – Cortec introduces nanotechnology

Water-based anti-rust coatings have undergone many stages of development and improvement in recent years. Tougher environmental legislation means that water-based products are increasingly in demand by more customers. The latest innovation from Cortec Corporation's laboratory means that Tribotec can now offer new, unique coatings for multi-metal protection.

This generation of water-based high-performance acrylic coatings has greatly improved barrier protection and improved stability, which in turn provides very good rust protection in tough, unprotected environments.

CorShield VpCI 386 HP unique nano-VpCI formulation contains a mix of non-toxic organic inhibitors and pigments that provide extended protection, allowing it to compete with zinc primers and paint. Cortec's special combination of additives provides a nanoparticle composite polymer barrier that significantly stops the ionization process on the metal surface through passivation.

Corshield VpCI 386 HP is very economical, environmentally friendly and easy to handle and it is also much more efficient than conventional coatings. Heavy metals previously used as anti-rust inhibitors have been replaced by other non-toxic inhibitors. This eliminates users' exposure to organic solvents. With water as a solvent, there is no fire hazard either.

CorShield VpCI 386 HP provides a fast-drying surface (primer/top coat) that forms a durable protective layer for protection of applications both indoors and outdoors. The product has good adhesion to metal surfaces and protects against corrosive electrolytes and aggressive media.

CorShield is recommended for a variety of applications where there is a need to replace other environmentally harmful products. When dried, the product is thermally stable (-78 gr C – 180 gr C) and UV-resistant, perfect when goods must be protected outdoors in sunlight.

CorShield can be used as a topcoat/primer or as a topcoat in combination with Cortec VpCI 374 being used as a primer.

Drying times: Stick-free after 40 minutes (25 gr C), fully cured after 7 days (25 gr C).

Package sizes: 19 liters / 208 liters

Available colors: White, gray, yellow

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