18 September 2014

Rust protection: Cortec introduces spray bottles powered by regular air

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If you are interested in the environment, you should take a special look at Cortec's new EcoAir range. Cortec has now taken another step with its spray can technology and is introducing a complete product line of water-based products with compressed air as the propellant gas. The products can be summed up in four words: Fast-acting - economical - reliable - easy to use!

When the spray bottle is empty, it is filled with new product and then the bottle is pressurized with ordinary compressed air. The active liquid is stored in a 4-layer EcoPouch bag - which means that the active product is kept completely separated from the air. When the dosing nozzle on the bottle is pressed down, the air presses on the bag with the liquid until the package is empty. EcoAir products therefore contain no propellant gases that affect the atmosphere, the ozone layer or the environment.

The active liquids are biodegradable, without toxic content and you therefore avoid expensive destruction costs. The aluminum container is 100% reusable.

Used upside down

The spray packs can be used in any position, even upside down, which is a big advantage compared to traditional aerosol (spray) packs.

The EcoAir range contains a wide range of useful products:

  • EcoAir BioCorr "Water-based transparent indoor rust protection"
  • EcoAir VpCI 414  "Cleaning Degreasing"
  • EcoAir VpCI 337 "Rust protection - for fog application"
  • EcoAir VpCI 377 "Water-based indoor rust protection - forms a dry surface"
  • EcoAir VpCI 422 & 423 "Rust Remover"

EcoAir brochure