7 November 2018

BioCorr® corrosion protection – an environmentally smart choice for industry

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We provide industry with greener alternatives. High-quality and environmentally smart products. Tribotec's sales manager within Corrosion Protection chooses to highlight BioCorr® corrosion protection as a good example.

BioCorr® is a water-based and biodegradable corrosion protection designed to protect metal components against corrosion. It is, in other words, a smart environmental alternative to petroleum-based anti-corrosion products.

Some of the benefits of BioCorr®:

  • Provides excellent corrosion protection for most metals
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
  • Replaces health-hazardous mineral oils
  • Has a cleaning ability
  • Provides a dry, transparent, non-stick surface
  • In most cases does not need to be washed off before painting or other upcoming process steps

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