15 January 2015

BioPouch latest breakthrough in rust protection technology

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Cortec Corporation, world leader in innovative, "green", sustainable technology solutions in corrosion protection, presents its latest development in environmentally friendly corrosion protection - BioPouch. This new revolutionary product is designed to protect metal surfaces in unventilated spaces. BioPouch contains the latest NANO-VpCI (vci) technology, and is primarily made from agricultural residues.

NANO-VpCI is emitted from the bag and saturates the enclosed casing via diffusion and then fills all voids and recessed surfaces with a rust-protective vapor phase layer (vapor phase). These molecules are attracted and absorbed by the metal surfaces resulting in a nano-thick protective barrier layer.

Studies have shown that VpCI molecules provide excellent protection when corrosive media are present in the environment (chlorides, sulphides and humidity).

The product is non-toxic, free from nitrites, halogens and phosphates and thus completely safe to use. The BioPouch provides an extremely effective and simple method of protecting metals in contained, closed spaces. Should the nano-protective layer be exposed to moisture or temporarily opened up, the protective layer is restored by continuous inflow of rust protection from the bag.

BioPouch is quick and super easy to use. No special equipment is needed to apply/use BioPouch. The only thing you need to do is calculate how many BioPouchs are needed per unit to be protected.

Each BioPouch bag protects up to 1 m3 of trapped air volume. (technical data sheet)

The rust protection group at Tribotec works to prevent rust in companies' process flows, intermediate storage and internal buffering as well as in connection with deliveries worldwide. With our experience in vci rust protection, we have helped several companies, large and small, to increase their profitability through increased quality in their deliveries and thus avoid costly complaints from their customers.

Everyone in the Corrosion Protection Group has good experience of industrial production and of risks and sources of why it starts to rust.

Most of the time we can achieve big improvements with very simple and small changes in the production process/flow says Tribotec's sales manager. Many companies accept having some rust in their production and thus increased costs and potential quality problems towards the end customer. Sometimes the problems increase during certain times of the year - which can have a natural explanation due to humidity and temperature. With relatively simple methods, we can solve these problems.

Let us at Tribotec tackle the problem instead.
Here you will find some example of tasks.