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Tribotec markets and sells environmentally adapted chemical-technical products in rust protection, joining and lubrication to industrial customers in Sweden and Denmark.

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We must deliver products with a high quality in combination with a first-class service and technical support to optimize processes. We therefore always work to find the best sustainable solution for both parties, which ultimately means improved quality, increased efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Our focus in quality, environmental and work environment work lies in the following areas:

  • Customer focus - Through a good dialogue with the customer, we always look for the best sustainable solution by combining quality, environmental impact and longevity of our products in the best possible way.
  • Transportation - Sustainable logistics solutions to reduce the environmental impact per item delivered to the customer.
  • Inventory management - Efficient working methods and the right assortment on the shelf mean deliveries at the right time
  • Purchase - All purchases must be well thought out, taking into account quality, environment, volume and working environment.

We work with improvements in all areas through preventive work together with our customers and employees, in this work we follow applicable laws and other requirements.

We develop our staff together with our suppliers and our customers to drive development forward and increase awareness, as it is important that both we, our suppliers and our customers have good cooperation and develop.

For us, constant improvements mean that we seek the most effective solution that minimizes the environmental impact, enables the best possible working environment and also generates a high quality and good return, which is a prerequisite for our and our customers' long-term competitiveness.

Mölnlycke on 14 March 2018
/Niclas Arnell, CEO Tribotec

Tribotec is ISO 9001:2008 certified.