16 September 2013

Convert rust to passive layer - Cortec Corrverter

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Transform Rust! This environmentally friendly, water-based primer (Cortec Corrverter) modifies the rusty surface into a hydrophobic passive layer. Combined with a coating with a high content of waterborne latex (Cortec VpCI 386 / 387) with extremely low water permeability, this coating provides excellent rust protection.

The entire Corrverter technology provides long-term rust protection for poorly pretreated materials, but also converts rust and at the same time makes the rust attack much slower.

Ferrous materials can be applied with rust converters under varying weather conditions and should then be coated with VpCI 386 or VpCI 387 – with UV stabilizer.

The products can also be used in situations where perfect cleaning of the surfaces is difficult to achieve such as: Industrial maintenance, marine applications, tanks etc.

Application technique:

We recommend brushing, rolling or spraying the products in a 75-125 micron thick wet layer. Brush application is preferred as the product penetrates better into the rust layer. the coating can be applied to dry or slightly damp surfaces.

Drying time:

Allow the rust converter (Corrverter primer) to air dry for 12-24 hours before applying the topcoat.

For more information about the products contact the corrosion protection group at Tribotec.