16 April 2014

Keep track of corrosion attack under insulation - Cortec Corrologic

Press release / April 2014 (Cortec Corporation)

Tribotec's partner Cortec has presented a system to reduce the risk of extensive corrosion attacks in production systems/equipment where it is difficult to optically find/monitor corrosion attacks. This system, Cortec CorroLogic System, contains a CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) program that applies a systematic approach to corrosion attack assessments during insulation, repair and documentation.

Developing and implementing a comprehensive CUI program is absolutely necessary to reduce risks in production/equipment.

98% of all problems in isolated production systems/equipment are caused by moisture leading to attack and thus negative mechanical impact. This endangers the function of equipment and insulation systems, and causes major financial and safety problems.

Cortec CorroLogic products, processes and equipment are used to reduce the impact of corrosion under insulation (CUI) in various types of environments. The equipment enables real-time measurements on the surface of insulated pipes. The process includes the application/use of Cortec's proven, patented multi-phase VpCI technology to eliminate corrosion attack on the surface. The CorroLogic system makes a big impact and limits the corrosion under the insulation without interruption for maintenance, without painting the surfaces and without the need to remove the insulation.

Estimates from the oil and gas industry (USA) estimate that the cost of corrosion attack under insulation amounts to over 100 Million USD annually. A thorough CUI program would help facility managers and engineers identify/build strategies for implementation. This would mean the possibility of preventive measures, early detection, limitation of damages, to develop customized maintenance programs for continuous monitoring of harmful effects of CUI.

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