2 September 2016

Durable anti-corrosion paper for tough packaging!

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Corshield® VpCI®-146 is a durable corrosion protection paper with which you easily and safely pack metal components with sharp edges and odd shapes and at the same time get reliable and lasting corrosion protection.

In order to obtain optimal corrosion protection when using a VpCI® package, it is required that the package is completely closed, and a common problem when packing components with sharp parts is that the package is punctured. This impairs the anti-corrosion effect inside the package and can cause problems with rusty details.

Corshield® VpCI®-146 reinforced paper is a durable corrosion protection paper that minimizes the risk of broken packaging and rust!

The paper is developed to pack everything from metal parts to finished machines and is available in sizes up to 2.5 m. Corshield® VpCI®-146 protects both oiled and dry parts during storage and various types of transport and works for most metals. No cleaning is required, but the parts can go directly to other production steps, such as assembly, painting or further processing when they are unpacked.

Cortec® VpCI® protective paper provides corrosion protection in a variety of applications, including single-pack, multi-pack bulk shipping, OEM, automotive component packaging for storage, and as a liner to separate products.
Tribotec's vci papers are nitrite-free and made from neutral/natural kraft paper that is completely recyclable as a paper raw material

If you want to know more - contact Tribotec's corrosion protection group:

Stefan Fältengård (Seller Sweden), 0705-28 28 79
Mats Gunnemyr (Seller Sweden), 0702-83 07 66
Mats Holmvik (Seller Sweden), 0766-77 04 00
Henrik Stjerslev Jakobsen (Seller Denmark), +45 2070 3330

The corrosion prevention group at Tribotec works to prevent rust in companies' process flows, intermediate storage and internal buffering as well as in connection with deliveries worldwide. With our solid experience in vci corrosion protection, we have helped several companies, large and small, to increase the quality of their deliveries and thus avoid complaints from their customers.

Everyone in the Corrosion Protection Group has good experience of industrial production and of risks and sources of why it starts to corrode, such as after washing processes or during processing.