March 6, 2013

Do you know your safety data sheets?

Do you know your safety data sheets?

Do you know your safety data sheets? It is important to ensure that you have updated safety data sheets for all chemical products handled in the business. The safety data sheet informs about the risks and properties of the product and is an important tool for creating safe handling. You can find more information about rules regarding safety data sheets at The Swedish Chemicals Agency.

You can easily download safety data sheets for Tribotec's products on the web - Under the "Search" tab, you can search both by product name and by the company Tribotec.

Upon initial delivery and upon update, the safety data sheets are sent out to you as a customer using our automatic distribution system. If you want us to add you as a recipient of safety data sheets, you can send your email address to

If you are missing a sheet, you are always welcome to contact us at 031-887880 or

Do you know your safety data sheets?

Safety data sheets & documents

Here you can read more and download our product sheets, certificates, certificates & safety data sheets.