29 June 2016

Dosing equipment for glue saves time and money

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Tribotec is now introducing Loxeal's dosing equipment for fast adhesives and anaerobes (screw locking, thread sealing, cylindrical attachment, etc.). The systems are well proven and specially designed for accurate and cost-effective dosing of adhesives and locking fluids, but also for lubricants and silicone products.

The adjacent image shows an electro-pneumatic system DE1 Electro Pneumatic Dosing equipment which is time controlled. The dosage is activated by foot pedal or by a metal indicating contact.

This system dispenses from 0.03 ml to constant flow. Dosing time: From 0.05 second to continuous.

If you do not have the same exact quantity requirements, there is a manual system that is activated with a hand valve or foot pedal. This system is called DE3 – DE3M Pneumatic Dosing equipment and does not require an electrical connection but is powered only by compressed air. This thus makes the system suitable when explosion-fire safety requirements are placed on the equipment.

For dosing low and high viscosity adhesives and lubricants are also available DE4E Cartridge Dosing equipment. This system uses small cartridges as containers for the material to be dosed. With this system, microdrops can be deposited. A vacuum suction technique is used to avoid drips from the dosing cartridge.

If you are interested in us coming out and showing how the equipment works, please contact us at Tribotec.

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