23 September 2015

Easy to remove discoloration and oxide on copper and brass

A company in the lighting industry had problems with its sockets for the luminaires.

There was bruising, discoloration and oxide on the copper and brass details.

Instead of discarding and manufacturing new ones, Tribotec was asked if we can restore the material with the help of a product.

Cortec VpCI-426 is a water-based rust remover that removes corrosion and naturally occurring oxides from iron, carbon and stainless steel + copper, aluminium, magnesium and their alloys.

VpCI-426 not only removes corrosion but also brightens aluminum, brass and copper.

Cortec® rust removers are based on organic chemicals instead of aggressive acids to remove rust, oxide and stains from many metals. When used according to the recommendations, these rust removers are gentle on the skin as well as on the majority of lacquers, plastics, woods, textiles and rubber.

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Cortec®'s range of environmentally friendly and economical metal treatment products includes biodegradable cleaning agents and paint removers. If rust is to be removed from a metal surface, often impurities and paint residues must be removed first.

You can usually determine with a quick visual inspection whether an object needs to be pre-treated. In some cases, especially heavily corroded items with thick coatings, the rust must be removed before getting down to a "layer" of contamination or paint that needs to be removed.

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