Environmental policy

  • Tribotec shall prevent pollution of the environment and strives to import, manufacture, develop and sell products with minimized environmental impact and optimal use of natural resources.
  • Through continuous improvements, we must offer our customers the best possible technology and product range from an environmental point of view as far as it is ecologically justified, economically reasonable and technically justified.
  • Tribotec shall prioritize cooperation with environmentally conscious suppliers and contractors who deal with environmental issues in accordance with our requirements.
  • Tribotec must minimize resource consumption with raw materials, energy and water.
  • Through source sorting, Tribotec shall minimize the proportion of unsorted waste that arises in our premises.
  • Tribotec must comply with applicable laws and meet the environmental requirements imposed on us by authorities and customers.
  • Tribotec must plan purchases, deliveries and business trips so that our environmental impact from transport is minimized.
  • Every employee must be trained in environmental issues so that he/she understands the environmental consequences of his/her actions and can take responsibility for the environmental impact that occurs in his/her own work.
  • Tribotec must show openness, inform about the company's environmental work and be sensitive to changes in the outside world.
  • Tribotec has a certified environmental management system according to ISO 14001 and is connected to FTI - the industry's system for recycling packaging.

Safety data sheets & documents

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