6 November 2015

Estimated Corrosion protection days at Tribotec 3-4 November

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Rust protection of components Cortec VpCI Tribotec ABUnder the theme "Corrosion - a global challenge", Cliff Cracauer, vice president sales, Cortec Corp, started Tribotec's Corrosion Protection Days on November 3-4. Invited guests from the Swedish and Danish automotive, marine and engineering industries were able to learn, among other things, how other international companies work with the protection of processes and components to ensure a stainless and quality-assured flow.

Jörgen Mikkelsen at Sandvik SRP presented how Sandvik has implemented its corrosion protection in its processes under the theme "The importance of joint effort in working towards a rust-free operation", which was greatly appreciated by the participants.

Camilla Admyre, product manager for corrosion protection at Tribotec went through how to properly control corrosion protection in the processes and concluded with a visit to Tribotec's lab.

If you are interested in coming to us at an upcoming event, please contact Camilla. You can reach her on 070-328 66 60 and at camilla.admyre@tribotec.se

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Tribotec - With more than 35 years of experience, we are an established supplier to Nordic industry. The company is included in Indutrade AB, a group consisting of almost 200 companies and roughly 4,500 employees in 27 countries, which are focused on industrial technology sales.

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Corrosion is a complex area where there is a lot of money and goodwill to be had, if done right. With our knowledge and our broad vci corrosion protection program we help protect the entire production chain – from raw material to finished product delivered to the end customer. Rust not only attacks the products, by extension also the quality seal of your company's brand. Tribotec vci corrosion protection from removes the bad will caused by rust-damaged details. Don't let company resources rust away.