What glue should I use for fat plastics?


What glue should I use for fat plastics?


It is very important to use the right kind of glue when gluing fatty plastics, which are often considered relatively difficult to glue. "Fat plastics" include, for example, PP/PE, PP, PA, PE, ABS, and PET. 

Why is it more difficult to glue fat plastics?

The reason why a specially adapted glue is required to glue so-called fat plastics is that these have a relatively low surface tension. The surface to be glued needs to have a higher surface tension than the glue has. If you use the wrong kind of glue, it is difficult to achieve a good adhesion. We at Tribotec offer acrylic glue with a lower surface tension than the surface of the fatty plastic has - and which therefore performs well with both difficult-to-glue and fatty plastics, as well as rubber and, for example, metal. 

Here you can read more about our range of glues developed for gluing greasy plastics! 

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