9 September 2015

Fast adhesive for high temperatures Loxeal 43 S

 instant glue for high temperatures Loxeal 43 S

Standard instant glues, also called ice glues, Cyanoacrylate glues are specially designed for gluing materials such as metal, rubber and plastic.
Thanks to a unique formulation, Loxeal Snabblim 43 S can also glue acidic surfaces such as paper, cardboard, wood and cork.

Withstands up to +120 grC
Loxeal 43 S has improved strength up to +120 grC, with peaks up to +150 grC, which makes Loxeal 43S the most suitable adhesive for gluing components that must withstand high ambient temperatures. Examples of applications are gluing speakers, vehicle and electronic components, gaskets in hot air ovens, etc.

ATTENTION! When gluing PE, PP, silicone rubber or PTFE, pre-treatment with Loxeal Primer 7 is always recommended.

Loxeal 43 S is available in a 20 gr bottle and a 500 gr bottle. Quick glue data sheet

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