17 May 2013

Give your staff rust prevention training

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The Rust Protection School is a rust protection training course designed to provide basic knowledge on how to best protect your products that are to be packed, stored and shipped from rusting/corroding. Suitable for packaging technicians, quality personnel, purchasing managers, CEOs, sales managers who are dependent on delivering the "right quality" from the start without rust and thereby reducing bad will and increasing profitability and thereby creating increased competitiveness.

The rust protection school gives you the opportunity to develop and keep up-to-date in your field, both through theoretical knowledge and practical application. Take advantage of our combined expertise in vci rust protection. We also tailor courses at your location.

Excerpt from the agenda

Transport / storage – A potential risk! -A presentation on "The risks when transporting components". Addresses questions that all types of companies that package, store or transport products should ask themselves.

VpCI® rust protection - "How does it work"? - Overview of the VpCI technology, technical function, etc

Smart cost-effective solutions. - Presentation of how other companies have solved their rust protection problems and thus increased profitability, reduced the number of complaints and increased their competitiveness.

The right protection for the right application. What type of product should I choose? Here we go through all the different types of carriers for the best economy and protection.

Right conditions. - Review of checklists, test methods and rules for sample packing and follow-up.

Health aspects of handling. - What does the legislation look like within the EU. Summary of legislation/recommendations and enforcement tips for safe use and re-use of TriboTec VpCI®. Biodegradable/compostable and reusable products. Why e.g. use multilayer film (coex) instead of monofilm.

Review of the participants' own rust applications. - Welcome with your own questions and applications.

What have we learned? - The training ends with a simple knowledge test to evaluate the participants' competence (optional - but a must to get a diploma).

Other questions

Contact someone in the rust protection group below for info or booking a rust protection training.

Stefan Fältengård: 0705-28 28 79

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