27 February 2015

Gluing and sealing of lighting fixtures

Lighting fixtures are mainly made of plastic, metal and glass. Adhesives and sealants used to join these parts must therefore have perfect adhesion to all these materials and at the same time compensate for the different physical properties of the materials. This at the same time as the materials must not be affected.

Tribotec's adhesives and sealants are designed specifically for gluing and sealing lighting fixtures. In addition to a very good adhesion, even under extreme conditions, the glue contributes to strengthening the entire construction.

Tribotec's adhesives and sealants for lighting applications are characterized, among other things, for the following properties:

  • Very strong adhesion to lamp housings and glass panels under extreme weather conditions
  • Stress-compensating properties – which is a prerequisite when joining materials with different length expansion coefficients
  • Excellent temperature resistance
  • Available in an almost unlimited range of colors for innovative design and other requirements.

If you want to know more about how we can help you find the right glue for your application, contact Kim Heden on tel. 0702-003135 or via email kh@tribotec.se

Gluing and sealing of lighting fixtures 2

Adhesives for industrial applications? What types of materials should you glue? What strength is required? What does the production look like? Do you need UL approval?

Tribotec has many years of experience in industrial gluing, sealing and encapsulation in the machine, electronics, aviation, vehicle, life and pharmaceutical industries. Feel free to consult with us at an early stage.
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