Anti-corrosion treatment

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Corrosion protection

Anti-corrosion treatment

Rust occurs when metal comes into contact with oxygen, i.e. when the metal oxidizes. The metal then weakens and takes on a reddish-brown color. If you treat rust protection in time, the risk of expensive and time-consuming rust repairs in the future is reduced.

Our rust protection solutions are recyclable, environmentally friendly and the most user-friendly on the market.

Rust protection methods

VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitors) rust protection is an effective and environmentally adapted rust protection method that protects components throughout the entire production chain. Dry rust protection such as VCI plastic or VCI paper protects large and small metal parts and equipment. Liquid rust protection, on the other hand, is perfect for when there are only certain small parts of an object that need to be protected against rust, then you can brush or spray the product on the small surfaces.

Volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCI)

Rust occurs when moisture comes into contact with metal and therefore the material needs to be protected. This is where VCI, which is a volatile corrosion inhibitor, comes into play. With VCI in packaging material, the products are protected against rust.

The VCI molecules are released inside the package when you close it and then a film of VCI is formed that prevents the formation of rust on all metal surfaces. The VCI molecules then "escape" into the air when the package is opened. The products inside the packaging are then ready to use without degreasing or cleaning.

Our range of VCI rust protection

  • VCI plastic: is available in the form of pallet hoods, bags, Z-bags, flat film, shrink film, tubing and bubble film.
  • VCI paper: made from neutral/natural kraft paper which is fully recyclable. The paper provides corrosion protection in various applications such as single and multi-piece packaging as well as spacers to separate products.
  • VCI foam: an impregnated foam plastic that provides a much higher concentration of rust protection per surface unit than other VCI-based packaging materials.
  • VCI emitters: a product that helps you avoid oxidation and corrosion that can occur in enclosed spaces after external influences.
  • VCI water based: a biodegradable, water-based rust protection in spray form for the temporary protection of metal components during storage and transport.
  • VCI oil-based: liquid rust protection in spray form based on oil, alternatively solvent that provides long-lasting protection in both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • VCI rust remover: a spray that quickly and effectively removes rust and discoloration from steel, iron, copper and brass surfaces.

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