How to clean metal with brake cleaner

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How to clean metal with brake cleaner

Degreasing and cleaning machine parts and material surfaces is important for many manufacturing plants to function optimally. The need for metal cleaning occurs in industries such as the chemical industry, the steel industry, logistics, shipbuilding and marine engineering, and the paper and packaging industry.

The type of brake cleaner you should use depends on what you want to clean and what possibilities you have. Our degreasers are divided into two categories, solvent-based (acetone and alcohol) and alkaline. These two different degreasers dissolve different types of dirt, where, for example, the solvent-based products dissolve oil and grease quickly and effectively.

Solvent-based brake cleaners can affect plastics and rubber

Remember to check how solvent-based degreasers react to e.g. plastic and rubber that are where you want to clean. Are materials other than petroleum-based to be cleaned? Then you may have to use an alkaline cleaner. They usually dissolve dirt that the solvent-based ones cannot handle.

What is a gasket releaser?

Gasket remover effectively removes remnants of gaskets, it also works on remnants of paint, glue and asphalt stains. Gasket releasers are most often used by maintenance departments where service jobs are to be performed. An advantage of gasket remover is that it is thicker in consistency and therefore does not evaporate as quickly as brake cleaner.

We at Tribotec offer a wide range of products for cleaning metal

A simple and safe way to choose the right cleaning agent is to contact us at Tribotec. We offer a wide range of cleaning agents for different purposes, for example:

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