Electronic silicone – an effective protection against vibrations & corrosion

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Electronic silicone – an effective protection against vibrations & corrosion

Electronics can be exposed to environmental stresses such as moisture, shocks, chemicals or vibrations. To reduce the risk of damage that can occur when electronics are involved, silicone is recommended to be used.

How the process proceeds

In the case of smaller volumes, the process takes place manually. When larger volumes are to be produced, the products are adapted so that the process can be automated.

A misconception is that the silicone dries, but this is not true. When the silicone is first applied, it is not cured, it only happens at the end when all the parts are in place.

Advantages of electronics silicone:

  • Has a good electrical insulating ability and is not affected by moisture either in the long or short term.
  • The silicone remains flexible after curing, therefore it can withstand the thermal expansion in electronic components.
  • When a product is protected by electronic silicone, it retains its flexibility in an unusually wide range of temperature ranges. Therefore, electronic silicone can be considered the best material choice when it comes to sensitive electronics.
  • The high resistance to chemicals.

Please products from an environmental point of view

Silicone is not classified as thermosetting plastic, which makes several of our silicone products very pleasant to work with. RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) is an EU directive that regulates limit values for hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. This legislation also covers our electronic silicones, all of which are compliant with the directive. In other words, you can feel safe when you use Tribotec's silicone products as they are used without any risk of exceeding the limit values.

Tribotec offers a wide range of silicone products

Explore Tribotec's wide range of silicones - we help you when you want to protect sensitive electronics from shocks, vibrations, chemicals, heat, cold and condensation. With us you will find, among other things:

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