Food grade lubricant

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Food grade lubricant

Food grade (per FDA) lubricant means the type of lubricant that can be used in applications and manufacturing processes that involve the production of food. We at Tribotec offer NSF registered lubricants, which are approved for use in and during food production. NSF stands for the National Sanitation Foundation, and is an independent company with a registration program that ensures food safety is not compromised by these lubricants. 

Food grade lubricants - NSF registration H1 and H2 

There are two types of NSF classifications: H1 and H2. NSF H1 means that the lubricant is approved for use in temporary contact with food. It could be, for example, a release agent on gaskets, or a lubricant for machine equipment.  NSF H2 includes the lubricants that must not be used when there is a risk of contact with food. 

OKS – adapted for food applications

Food grade (per FDA) lubricants are indispensable in many areas of use, both for the manufacture of household products, as well as for manufacturers of food packaging or in the pharmaceutical industry.  

Examples of some of our food-approved lubricants: