Adhesive for outdoor use - for different surfaces


Adhesive for outdoor use - for different surfaces

Here at Tribotec, you will find a large selection of adhesives that are suitable for outdoor use. This type of adhesive is flexible and is rated as ideal for gluing, sealing and joining. Ours glue for outdoor use from Viscoseal are based on MS polymer, which means they perform excellently on many different surfaces, such as glass, metal, stone, wood, composite materials and even some hard-to-glue plastics. These adhesives for outdoor use also have a good resistance to UV light, chemicals, weather and wind, and retain their flexibility and beneficial technical properties in a wide temperature range - between -40°C and approx. +100°C. 

Viscoseal flexible adhesive for outdoor use 

Because Viscoseal's outdoor adhesives are based on MS polymer and have a flexibility of 450%, they are resistant to both cold and shock, and the adhesive cures with the help of humidity. These products are also not subject to labelling, which means that they also meet many requirements in the field of work environment & health. At Tribotec we offer, for example: 

    A universal sealing adhesive, for both indoor and outdoor use. The adhesive cures at room temperature to a durable, elastic rubber, and delivers excellent adhesion to most surfaces, even damp ones.


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