Liquid corrosion protection

Corrosion protection

Liquid corrosion protection

Liquid rust protection consists of a VCI (VpCI) product in liquid form that is rolled, dipped, sprayed or brushed onto the thing to be protected. The liquid starts an active process that provides effective rust protection on basically anything made of metal. This type of rust protection is popular for use in, for example, the automotive and engineering industries where there is a lot of metal.

Liquid rust protection is better for rough and shaky transport

If you use dry rust protection and wrap large components in plastic, it is important that the protective packaging stays tight. If there are any sharp edges on the component, they risk puncturing the plastic or packaging. A shaky and difficult transport can also cause the object to be damaged. In these cases, liquid rust protection is an excellent choice, as the surface becomes less sensitive to impacts.

Another advantage is that liquid rust protection makes the process smoother if only certain small parts of an object need to be protected against rust. Then you don't have to wrap the entire vehicle or engine in VCI plastic, and can instead brush on the product on the small areas.

What is good to think about when using?

Some liquid rust protections dry to form a waxy film, and other products should not dry at all. When applying with a spray, it is important to have the right thickness – otherwise the protection will not dry if the layer is too thick. This especially concerns the water-based rust protections because the water must evaporate to avoid corrosion on the metal.

For liquid rust protection to work optimally, the metal surface needs to be dry and clean. Tribotec offers cleaning agents for this purpose. Remember to use cleaning with VCI agents, as these are compatible with the VCI packages. In this way you achieve the best possible results.

Read the accompanying instructions and product sheets when purchasing your Tribotec product.

Tribotec is your expert in liquid rust protection

We at Tribotec have a large range of solutions in liquid corrosion protection for your business. Regardless of whether you need longer protection during storage or temporary protection at the factory, you will find, among other things:

Water-based rust protection is kindest to the environment

Today's products are generally kinder to the environment than older ones, where the water-based ones are usually not classified as environmentally hazardous. Tribotec's liquid corrosion protection products comply with current environmental regulations. We are careful not to offer products that are, for example, carcinogenic. For more information on environmental classification, read the product's safety data sheet.

What is the difference between dry and liquid rust protection?

Both are based on the same VCI technology, but in the case of dry rust protection, the rust protection inhibitors have a support in the form of paper or plastic. While a liquid rust protection can be based on oil, solvent or water.

Safety data sheets & documents

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