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Corrosion protection

Prevent corrosion

Iron, oxygen and water are the combination needed for corrosion to occur. Steel is used in many industries where safety is essential. It is precisely in these industries that rust protection should be a priority. Rust causes the metal to expand, which puts a great strain on the entire structure while weakening the metal, becoming brittle and flaking. Here you can read further about what corrosion is.

Simple habits such as keeping metal products in dry places can go a long way in preventing rust. However, you cannot always place metal products in dry places, and there it becomes extra important to protect the metal parts. With us at Tribotec® you will find dry and liquid rust protection that helps protect and preserve metal parts.

To prevent rust

To reduce or prevent steel from rusting, it needs to be protected. It can be done in several different ways with many different types of corrosion protection products. At you will find corrosion-inhibiting products such as

Dry rust protection

The advantages of dry rust protection are many. Traditionally, the metal part is oiled to protect it from rust, which takes time and resources as the rust protection needs to be washed off after use, not to mention the environmental risks involved in the washing. If dry rust protection is used instead, you don't have to wash the metal parts and can instead just unpack and start using it at once. The VCI packaging also consists of polyethylene plastic, which is recyclable. With us at Tribotec, you will find a wide range of solutions in dry rust protection for your business. You will find, among other things:

  • Cortec VCI hood – used in standard pallets as rust-proof packaging. Available in a large number of customized dimensions.
  • Cortec VCI bag - used as rust-proof packaging for smaller volumes and piece packaging.
  • Cortec VCI shrink film - durable plastic film that effectively protects during outdoor storage for a long time, or during sea transport.
  • Cortec VCI 105 anti-rust emitter – plastic box with anti-rust powder that is placed in closed spaces such as electrical cabinets and tool boxes. The powder is portioned out and provides excellent protection for metal parts.
  • Cortec VCI paper – protective and biodegradable packaging. Can be used independently or in combination with plastic.

Here you can read more about how you can prevent rust with dry rust protection.

Liquid corrosion protection

Liquid rust protection an excellent choice during transport as the surface becomes less sensitive to impacts. Another advantage is that liquid rust protection makes the process smoother if only certain small parts of an object need rust protection. Then you do not wrap the entire vehicle or engine in VCI plastic, instead the product is brushed on the small surfaces. Anti-rust liquid can be based on oil, solvent or water. At Tribotec, we have a large range of solutions in liquid corrosion protection for your business. With us you will find, among other things:

You can read more about liquid rust protection here.

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If you have any more questions or concerns about preventing and counteracting rust, You are welcome to contact us at Tribotec. You can also find answers this spring FAQ. Tribotec - we offer sustainable solutions.