Silicone glue – a flexible and versatile material


Silicone glue – a flexible and versatile material

Silicone glue (RTV Silicone) is a flexible and versatile material that protects against vibrations, moisture, high temperatures and UV light. It hardens and withstands high loads better than a blunt glue, thus giving better performance in above all slightly larger constructions. Silicone glue works great for, for example: 

  • sealing of threads and flanges
  • gluing of metal applications
  • joining of glass, ceramics and certain plastics

A chemical-resistant and work environment-friendly adhesive

Thanks to the silicone adhesive's good properties, it is popular to use for gluing in industry. It has better adhesion, higher chemical resistance and some types are even food grade (per FDA) and fire rated. Tribotec's silicones are developed to have minimal impact on people and the environment. We have a certified environmental management system according to ISO 14001.

RTV silicones use atmospheric moisture for the curing process

RTV stands for Room Temperature Vulcanising which refers to a condensation curing system. The silicone uses moisture in the atmosphere to activate the cure, which takes place at room temperature. Some silicones are also so-called addition curing, in that they require heat to initiate curing.

Tribotec's large range of silicone adhesives is perfect for various applications

Tribotec's silicone adhesive adheres very well to difficult-to-glue materials such as metals, glass, silicone rubber and some greasy plastics. We offer paste, full/semi-liquid, room temperature curing and heat curing silicone adhesives. The products are available in a variety of colors and heating systems depending on needs. With us you will find, among other things:

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Safety data sheets & documents

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