How to choose the right CA glue - effective instant glue


How to choose the right CA glue - effective instant glue

CA – cyanoacrylate glue – also goes by the name instant glue. CA glue/quick glue has many beneficial properties. Just as the name suggests, this type of one-component adhesive has a very fast drying time, but the CA adhesives are also solvent-free, and perform as well in very specific applications as in a wider spectrum of uses. In other words, instant glue can bind a large number of different substrates, by reacting to small traces of moisture on the material. 


CA glue / quick glue has many advantages: 

  • Outstanding mechanical strength – good resistance to both tensile and shear forces.
  • Good durability on porous materials such as paper, (for example Loxeal 43)  also on non-porous materials such as metal, plastic and rubber (for example Loxeal 14)
  • Good elasticity, (for example Loxeal 34) for difficult-to-glue plastic materials, 
  • Good temperature resistance and good aging resistance 
  • Good climate resistance, which includes good resistance to ozone.

CA glue is used with advantage on many different materials, for example smaller surfaces of plastic, metal, paper, rubber, wood, glass and cork. 

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