Remove rust from metal

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Remove rust from metal

Of course, you primarily try to prevent and protect iron components from being attacked by rust and oxidation, but sooner or later you usually have to remove rust from metal that has been exposed to the elements or moisture in some other form. At Tribotec you will find several different products to remove surface rust and oxidation from iron. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are not sure which one suits you best!


Remove rust from metal with VpCI

Cortec's various rust removers are water-based, ecological and very gentle on both skin and the various materials that may be exposed to them. You can read more about Cortec and the entire range of rust removers here.


Our products to remove oxidation and rust

  • Cortec 422 spray, to effectively and quickly remove rust and discoloration from steel, iron, copper and brass. Gentle on most materials.
  • Cortex 422, when you'd rather roll, paint or dip.
  • Cortec 426, to remove rust, scale deposits and oxides from many different metals. Available as liquid, gel and powder.
  • Cortec 423, gel to remove oxidation and rust from iron and other metals. Gentle on metal but also on most types of paint, plastic and rubber. The gel form makes it suitable for vertical surfaces and hard-to-reach places.
  • Cortec Corverter, fast-hardening rust primer that can be applied by roller or brush, dipped or sprayed.

Safety data sheets & documents

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