Choose the right lubricating oil for different vehicles and machines


Choose the right lubricating oil for different vehicles and machines

Choosing the right type of lubricating oil for your machines and vehicles is of the utmost importance to reduce wear and corrosion risk, as well as to promote a long life for their machines. How you choose the right lubricating oil depends on which properties you need to promote in your machine or vehicle application. You should draw up a requirement specification for your desired lubricating oil, and based on it choose a lubricating oil with the right tolerance to high/low temperatures, the right viscosity, etc. 

Lubricating oils for engines, forestry machines or other vehicles

Lubricating oils for engines, for example, need – in addition to minimizing friction – to be able to conduct away heat and keep clean. Lubricating oils for vehicles and other machines also reduce both emissions and fuel consumption. A good lubricating oil for forest machines is, for example, a high-quality (vegetable or mineral-based) saw chain oil with good adhesion, and which performs just as well even under very low temperatures. 

Be careful when mixing different lubricating oils

Regardless of the type of lubricating oil you use, it is always important not to mix different types of oil (for example, a synthetic oil with an environmentally friendly lubricating oil) unless this is explicitly stated. The different additives in the oils give them different properties which, if mixed, could risk damaging the machine.

Examples from our range of oils

A simple and safe way to choose the right lubricating oil for the right vehicle, machine or application is to contact us at Tribotec. We offer a wide range of lubricating oils for different types of vehicles and machines, for example:   

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In other words, which type of lubricating oil works best for you, and how to choose the right one, depends entirely on what it is you need to lubricate, and what the most important functions of the lubricating oil are. Welcome to Contact Us at Tribotec then we will help you further!


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