Choose the right grease for machines and machine parts

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Choose the right grease for machines and machine parts

Choosing the right lubricating grease for your machines, applications and engines is of the utmost importance to ensure continued high-quality production and at the same time keep costs down. 

Many areas of use

Lubricating grease can be used for everything from gears, ball bearings, engines and gearboxes to forestry machines. A well-balanced type of grease has many advantages, including protecting against corrosion, reducing friction, tolerating high loads and being water-repellent. Grease also stays where you applied it, unlike oils that run the risk of disappearing. A synthetic base oil, for example, can usually handle higher working temperatures than a mineral oil. 

How do I choose the right type of grease?

The type of grease you should use depends on the intended application, and what the grease should seal/protect against. A grease contains 80-90% base oil, and the properties of this base oil determine the properties of the grease. 

  • Lubricating grease with synthetic base oil: A lubricant with synthetic base oil gives the grease both a wider temperature range, better electrical properties and increased chemical resistance. In the synthetic base oils, one should also take into account any thickener for the desired consistency, depending on the intended application.
  • Lubricating grease with mineral oil: A mineral oil lubricant is best used for applications that achieve a more even operating temperature, and is used in medium to light duty conditions. 
  • Temperature: Low viscosity base oils are better for use in lower temperature applications, while high viscosity base oil greases are ideal for use in machinery and higher temperature and load applications. 
  • Speed and rpm: High viscosity base oils are best suited for low speed and RPM machines/applications. Low viscosity base oils are ideal in higher rpm/speed machines.
  • Lubricant secretion: In addition to viscosity, lubricant shedding is an important factor to consider when choosing the right type of grease.