25 February 2013

Let's introduce Kim and Erik

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Eric Kim

New knowledgeable service in the areas of rust protection and silicone.

Erik Bergman is based in Linköping and is responsible for our rust protection sales in Central Sweden. His district stretches between Tranås in the south, Karlstad in the west and Umeå in the north.

"I want to offer a quality service and will therefore be happy to visit you. Getting an insight into how you use our products today as well as requirements for the products' results gives me a good foundation to be able to contribute with a relevant service.

My goal is to develop sustainable solutions together with you and optimize existing ones.”


Kim Hedén is a new silicone salesperson with responsibility for Västra Götaland and Central Sweden. He lives in Gothenburg and is stationed at our head office in Mölnlycke.

"What I'm passionate about is working together with you as a customer to find a solution to the problems/desires you might have. My strength lies in being able to see the opportunities instead of the problems. Many years of experience in technical sales have given me the tools needed to be able to propose the best possible solution based on your conditions."