4 July 2017

Loxeal 60R 3D – New 3D Print glue to strengthen printed components

Tribotec and Loxeal present a new 3D Print adhesive for 3D manufacturing. The glue is called Loxeal 60R and is used to make printed components stronger. The product makes the finished 3D models stronger and 60R has a very low viscosity and slow curing to be able to infiltrate the components completely before curing. The product is easy to use as no mixing is required. Can be applied by dipping or by applying to the surface. Gives a dry surface after curing.

There are 2 more glues in the 3D series: Loxeal 61 (no color effect, low whitening, used at higher production speed) and Loxeal 63 (high viscosity, fast curing). Used when you want to smooth the surface of the model to avoid a "sandy" feeling.

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