12 October 2015

Loxeal Adhesives and Sealants - New Recommendation Table

Adhesives and bonding fluids, instant adhesives and epoxy are products that are used daily in most industries, both in production and maintenance. Tribotec now presents a newly updated recommendation table updated with the latest products.

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Loxeal adhesives and sealants


Anaerobic adhesives are liquid resins that polymerize when placed between two adjacent metal surfaces. The glue fills all small cavities in the metal surfaces and thus enables 100% metal contact between the surfaces, which provides better stress distribution. The hardened adhesive seals against water, gas, oil, liquids and chemicals. Maximum gap filling for threaded parts is 0.5mm, for cylindrical connections a maximum of 0.1mm is recommended and for locking threads a maximum of 0.3mm. The fixing time, which depends on the gap size, type of metal and temperature, varies from a few minutes up to 1 hour. Working strength is reached within 1-2 hours. The working temperature range is between -50°C and +150°C for the standard products, however, there are special variants that work well up to temperatures around 250°C.

Anaerobic adhesives are designed and produced for the following applications:

THREAD SEAL: For sealing and locking threaded parts against compressed air, gas, water, oil and other industrial fluids. Ideal replacement for hemp and PTFE tape. Anaerobic thread sealing products have excellent vibration and heat resistance. They are available in different strengths and are certified according to a number of international standards such as DVGW, NSF, WRAS, KTW and BAM.

THREAD LOCKING: For locking bolts, nuts, screws and other threaded parts. The adhesive prevents the dressing from loosening due to vibration, mechanical or temperature effects. It also stops crevice corrosion and prevents rusting and cutting of threads.

LIQUID PACKING: For sealing flat flanges on pumps, gearboxes and similar types of housing. Replaces traditional gaskets and allows contact between the metal surfaces providing a secure seal that does not settle due to vibration or temperature. Forms a flexible and elastic seal that is resistant to vibration, heat, oil and other industrial fluids. Parts sealed with anaerobic sealants can be dismantled with common tools.

CYLINDRICAL FIXING: For locking and securing bushings, ball bearings, cylindrical pins, pulleys, pins, gears and other cylindrical parts. The products increase the strength of joints in connection with press and shrink fits or when parts are exposed to wear. They also allow greater tolerances in machining – saving machining costs. and prevents crevice corrosion, loosening of parts, vibrations and seals against liquids


Instant glue (cyanoacrylate glue) used for fast and strong bonding of rubber, metal, ceramics, leather and many plastics. Best results are achieved when the glue gap is less than 0.1mm (or 0.2mm with special types).

The working temperature is between -50°C and +80°C, but newly developed variants are available approved to 180°C. For porous surfaces or vertical application, there is a gel version.

Safety data sheets & documents

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