19 February 2015

Lubricants for food technology from OKS

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OKS lubricants for food technology can be used in all areas where people may come into indirect contact with lubricants. This is much more than the food and beverage industry.

Typical users include: Manufacturers of food packaging, machine and plant manufacturers for the food industry, logistics centers for food, manufacturers of household products such as ovens and refrigerators, manufacturers of products used in the household, the toy industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

By using OKS special lubricants for food technology, you can be sure that national and international regulations are complied with.

With OKS special lubricants, you are on the safe side.

Currently, there is no binding European or international legislation for food grade lubricants. Food technology and related activities therefore mainly follow the American regulations, which are considered to be the strictest in the world.

Positive list from FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

This list, recognized worldwide, contains all substances permitted in food grade lubricants. In the white paper published by NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), all lubricants tested by NSF are published. You will find them under www.nsf.org in the chapter «Nonfood Compounds Listings Directory», arranged by company name. The classification NSF H1 stands for lubricants that may be used when contact with food cannot technically be excluded. NSF H2 summarizes the lubricants that may be used when contact with food is technically excluded.

Read more about the OKS range of lubricants for food technology i the brochure.