30 August 2015

Lubricate your screw joints for best results

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Lubricate your screw connections for best results, and you will avoid problems during assembly and disassembly. Screw connections are used for fastening components and machine elements that must be able to be dismantled if necessary. In order to guarantee a correct assembly (preloading force in the connection when tightening) and avoid screw connections corroding (rusting) with time-consuming disassembly as a result, there is a simple solution - OKS montage pastor.

The structure of paste basically corresponds to that of fat. Admittedly, the proportion of solid lubricants is significantly higher. This guarantees a safe lubrication, separation and corrosion protection effect even when used under extreme temperature and pressure conditions and aggressive media. Paste is used for screw connections as well as for pressing in pins and bolts, for gears, chucks, links and sliding bearings.

The range of use of pastes is determined in particular by the fixed lubricants they contain

Fixed lubricantMaximum operating temperature °CArea of use
PTFE< 300°C Assembly, media influence
MoS2< 450°CAssembly, pressing of details
Aluminum< 1100°CHigh temperature screw connections
Copper< 1100°CHigh temperature screw connections, "Anti-Sieze" paste, electrical conductivity
Nickel< 1400°CHighest temperature screw connections "Oxides"  

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In addition to screw joint pastes, Tribotec provides a comprehensive product range of high-quality, modern lubricating greases:

  • Rolling and sliding bearing grease for high and low speeds and varying pressures.
  • High temperature grease, especially adhesive grease, high performance grease with solid lubricants.
  • Semi-liquid lubricating grease for transmissions.
  • Universal and EP grease.
  • Food approved (NSF-H1/H2)