March 4, 2016

New coating creates a dry removable protective film

VpCI 372 is a coating that forms a dry removable protective film for components and equipment. It provides double protection as it both protects against corrosion and protects against mechanical damage such as scratches and other forms of wear. The water-based milky white liquid is applied by brush, brush, roller or by dipping and then provides a clear film so that protected equipment can be easily identified. the product can also be obtained in a variety of different colors if you want to use the product to identify different types of components.

When protected parts/equipment are to be used, the protective film can be easily pulled off the surface, leaving a clean surface that is ready for use.

Examples of areas of use for VpCI 372:

  • Protection of clean metal surfaces during storage/transport
  • Scratch protection of painted surfaces during storage/transport
  • As masking during processing
  • Protection of tools etc

VpCI 372 is free from (VOC) hydrocarbons and can therefore be thrown away together with other packaging after use.

The product is quick-drying, requires no solvents or special equipment to remove and leaves nothing on the surface after removal.

VpCI 372 protects against corrosion on most metals and can be applied to some plastic surfaces (NOTE! First always test how well the coating can be removed on a smaller surface, as adhesion varies depending on the type of plastic.)

Cortec CorShield VpCI 372 meets NACE Standard RP 0487-2000 and ASTM 2196.

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