15 November 2016

New quick glues from Loxeal in the quick glue guide

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Loxeal quick glue 43 p

Loxeal quick glue (approx glue) is used for immediate bonding of rubber, metal, plastic, ceramics, leather and porous materials. Common applications are gluing small surfaces where fast production/fixing time is the main requirement. For best results, the surfaces to be glued should have as small a gap as possible, below 0.1 mm; maximum 0.2 mm with some types.
Working temperature. standard instant glue -50-+80 gr C. However, new temperature-resistant Loxeal instant glues are available that can withstand short-term temperatures up to 180 gr C.
For porous materials and when gluing on vertical surfaces, there is a gel version.

You can find all Loxeal instant glues in the new one the quick glue guide.