16 March 2023

New in the glue range: Loxeal Superlox

There is now a new universal adhesive for all materials in our wide range.

Loxeal Superlox is a two-component fast-setting acrylic adhesive, designed to join a variety of materials, even in combination with each other. It is ideal for difficult-to-bond plastics such as polyolefins and substrates with low surface energy (PP, PE, PTFE, PMMA, etc), other plastics (ABS, PVC), rubber, metals, wood and leather.
Loxeal Superlox makes it possible to create an adhesive joint with an extremely small gap. Easy to use, and provides a transparent adhesive joint with high shear and tear strength. Loxeal Superlox does not require any preparatory surface treatment.

In this video you can see how to use the product and also a test of the durability!

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