21 October 2016

New fast-hardening circuit board varnish

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Now we can offer a very fast curing silicon circuit board varnish - Momentive ECC 3050S

The product is a moisture-curing silicone varnish which, at normal room temperature, cures as quickly as today's "fast" varnishes (approx. 30 min), but for ECC 3050S, the curing can be greatly accelerated with the help of elevated temperature. The varnish can be fully cured in 2 minutes.

Naturally, the product has UL approval, UV indicator, etc. it is also a good working environment-friendly alternative to the solvent-based paints available on the market.

Varnishing circuit boards with a protective varnish is a fast and economical method for large production runs. It is also a good method if casting becomes too expensive or too heavy.
A good circuit board varnish must have high surface insulation resistance, low viscosity, good spreading and perfect adhesion to the substrate. All this meets silicone-based varnishes.

Silicone circuit board varnish Circuit board varnish made of silicone has also been shown in tests to provide better protection of circuit boards against, among other things, corrosion caused by condensation than conventional varnishes, above all in an environment rich in salt water. For products that will be left outdoors, silicone is probably the best option for climate protection.
Tribotec sells polymer-type circuit board lacquers – i.e. they harden and are completely solvent-free. A polymer also provides better adhesion than a resin. They are all very fast curing.

Depending on how large series are to be produced and at what speed the production is to be maintained, we have several different varnishes to choose from. All are solvent-free.

Moisture curing: TSE399C, TN3705, TSE3991CU, ECC3010, ECC3050S, ECC3020H

Heat Curing: ECC4865

UV Curing: RTV 800-260

We have extensive experience in helping customers find the best possible product for embedding electronics in terms of dimensions and performance requirements, and it is best when we can help and give tips on how to design the product for painting.

Contact our product specialist Kim Heden for more info.

kim.heden@tribotec.se / mobile: 0702-003135