12 November 2015

New anti-corrosion emitter - installs and protects in no time

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Tribotec launches a new anti-corrosion emitter - Cortec Bioemitter - which installs in a second and protects for up to a year. The product offers a very easy-to-apply corrosion protection that protects metal surfaces from starting to rust in closed spaces up to 1400 liter volume. The only thing you need to do is put the Bioemitter on a clean surface inside the closed space, then you can relax knowing that your tools, electronic components or other valuable metal objects are protected.

The bioemitter takes up a very small surface area and is conveniently packaged in a ventilated cardboard box that allows Cortec's patented anti-corrosion inhibitor (VpCI technology) to migrate out into the ambient air. The corrosion protection then settles as a molecularly thick protective layer on the metal surfaces, protects from air and humidity, and reaches the most hard-to-reach surfaces to be protected. The bioemitter provides long-term protection against corrosion even in the presence of aggressive environments such as salt, humidity, H2S, SO2, NH3 mm

Cortec's Bioemitter is made from a bio-based, renewable material. The VpCI is non-toxic and does not contain nitrites, silicone, phosphates or heavy metals. The product also has no negative effect on electrical, optical or chemical properties, does not affect plastics, elastomers or painted surfaces.

The bio-emitter protects a variety of metals from rust and corrosion. These metals include steel, galvanized steel, brass, copper, aluminum alloys, silver and copper/nickel alloys.

Typical applications:
Electrical cabinets, instrument cabinets, tool cabinets, spare parts cabinets, weapon cabinets, pump stations, storage spaces in boats, trucks, construction machinery, etc.

Cortec Bioemitter meets the standards according to NACE Standard TM0208-2008.

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