31 October 2017

Kind liquid thread sealant for installers - Loxeal Green Line

Loxeal Green Line is a new gentle liquid thread seal that has been developed with those who have to work with the products daily in some form of production in mind. The series is designed to further improve health and safety conditions for the user and contains no dangerous ingredients or substances. Green Line covers the products Loxeal 55-02 thread locking, 58-12 thread seal and 83-52 Bearing/Bushing Assembly. Download our new selection table.

Are you interested in improving your environment for your staff and replacing your products with a kind liquid thread seal/locking - contact Mats Inge Ericsson 0708-887810 at Tribotec.

We will come out to you free of charge and provide suggestions and improvements in your application.

Using a liquid thread lock to seal and lock threaded joints is nothing new. Millions of details around the world are sealed and locked daily with this proven technology. The majority of the products used today are unfortunately classified as harmful to health according to the thermosetting plastics announcement. Traditional thread sealing and screw locking products that are subject to labeling require annual medical examinations when used extensively. Loxeal has therefore developed this product series which has largely the same technical advantages while also focusing on the health of the users.

Why are these types of products used?

Loxeal's thread locking sealant products are used to lock and seal threaded parts such as screws, nipples, nuts and other types of fasteners. Loxeal anaerobic products provide vibration-proof locking/sealing and prevent parts from loosening due to mechanical impact and temperature variations. Because the products simultaneously seal the thread, the risk of crevice corrosion is eliminated.

The products provide the best possible thread locking seal against most media such as water, gas, oil, petrol and many other chemicals. Loxeal thread locking products can be applied directly during assembly from the bottle or via dosing aids.

After almost 40 years of operation, Tribotec is an established supplier to Nordic industry. The company is included in Indutrade AB, a group consisting of more than 200 companies in 27 countries, which are focused on industrial technology sales.

Safety data sheets & documents

Here you can read more and download our product sheets, certificates, certificates & safety data sheets.