26 February 2013

Non-marking screw locking/thread sealing

Non-marking screw locking/thread sealing is now available in Tribotec's range. Loxeals has developed a "green product line" for thread locking/sealing. The series has been developed with special consideration for the health and safety of the users and does not contain any components subject to labeling.

This type of product is widely used in the manufacturing industry as well as maintenance to lock screw connections and seal threads.

The series includes the products Loxeal 55-02, 58-12 and 83-52.

Floating thread locking / thread sealing

Used to lock and seal threaded parts such as screws, nipples, nuts and other types of fasteners. Tribotec's anaerobic products provide vibration-proof locking/sealing and prevent details from loosening due to mechanical impact and temperature variations. Because the products simultaneously seal the thread, the risk of crevice corrosion is eliminated.

The products provide the best possible thread locking seal against most media such as water, gas, oil, petrol and many other chemicals. Loxeal thread locking products can be applied directly during assembly from the bottle or via dosing aids.

Loxeal's thread locking / thread sealing products are available in different viscosities and strengths depending on whether the dressing is to be dismantled or for permanent locking.

Most of the products have approval for use in combination with drinking water, oxygen, etc.

Non-marking screw locking/thread sealing

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