8 November 2013

NOVELTY! Hard silicone circuit board varnish

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Now we can offer a hard silicone circuit board varnish - ECC3020H. It is a completely solvent-free varnish, with low viscosity and fast curing at room temperature. The new thing is that it becomes really hard - 85 shore A after hardening. This provides good scratch resistance while still being flexible enough to protect the components during thermal expansion. It is completely unique.

Silicone coatings for circuit boards are generally quite soft and flexible. However, some customers have wanted a hard and smooth surface to be able to easily wipe off collected dust. This is exactly what the ECC3020H fulfills. As the icing on the cake, it is classified according to UL 94 V-0.

The varnish is developed by Momentive Performance Materials, and is the latest addition to our portfolio of solvent-free paints. Like all silicone lacquers, it offers superb protection against damp environments and has a very wide working temperature range: -55°C to +200°C.

Technical data:

  • > Curing system: condensation curing (cures at room temperature with the help of humidity)
  • > Viscosity: 200 mPas
  • > Dry weight: 100 %
  • > Density: 1.1 kg/litre
  • > Thanks free time: 6 min @23°C and 50 % rH
  • > Curing time: 100 μm cures within 30 minutes @23°C and 50 % rH
  • > Surface hardness: 85 shore A
  • > Dielectric strength: 25 kV/mm
  • > Flame retardancy class: UL94 V-0

NEW No. 2!

ECC3020H is available in aluminum bags! The bag can be lifted out of the bucket and placed in a pressure chamber. That way, you can press with compressed air, which means a cheaper investment than using a bucket pump. The bags have a tap that can be connected directly to the dosing equipment.

Circuit board coating is an economical and smart method of protecting sensitive electronics. Read more about our circuit board varnish here.