18 December 2012

Loxeal quick glue in glued rally tires

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Loxeal quick glue in glued rally tires. Kenneth Hermansson has dubbed tires for some of the biggest teams in World Rally Championship (WRC), with drivers who Tommi Mäkinen, Kenneth Eriksson and Colin McRae.

No detail escapes him and quality in every way is of course of the utmost importance. We are therefore very proud that he has chosen to use Loxeal quick glue.

Loxeal quick glue in glued rally tires

"You just have to experiment until you get it right," he says in one interview for TV4.


That's exactly how we see it Tribotec. Each customer's problem is unique, and to solve it in the best way, we carefully review needs and wishes, preferably on site. With our experience and way of working, we can then offer proposals for approaches and product solutions. And we won't give up until you have an optimal result.

To help us, we have a wide range of quality products from Loxeal for different areas:

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Quick glue
Fast glue (cyanoacrylate glue) is used for immediate bonding of rubber, metal, plastic, ceramics, leather and porous materials. Mainly suitable for small adhesive surfaces where fast production is the main requirement. For best results, the surfaces to be glued should have as small a gap as possible, below 0.1 mm; maximum 0.2 mm with some types.

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