8 February 2013

Cartridge, tube, Semco cartridge for RTV silicone

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The picture below shows what our most common packaging looks like Tribotec's RTV silicone (room temperature curing silicones).

The largest package, on the far left of the picture, is one 310 ml cartridge, of the European screw tip standard. A loose cartridge tip can be attached to it, or adapters to be able to dose through smaller needles.

The package in the middle is a so-called Semco cartridge. This type comes in a number of different sizes, the image shows the 55ml variant. At the top, there is a bayonet socket so that you can easily attach a dosing needle. The cartridge itself can be pressure fed through a dosing device or, if desired, with a hand syringe.

The tube on the right in the picture is one 82.8 ml plastic tube. It has a screwable cap and a tip that can be cut to the desired width.