March 1, 2013

Permanent rust protection up to 10 years with OKS 2511

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OKS 2511 zinc spray permanent rust protection

OKS 2511 is developed to regain a permanent rust protection on damaged/scratched galvanized surfaces and for priming surfaces that cannot be galvanized for various reasons (cost/technical).

Rust/corrosion arises mainly through chemical influence or electro-chemical reaction. In order to achieve a temporary corrosion protection of up to 2 years (usually for storage and transport), oils and waxes are usually used which are easy to apply and easy to remove. In cases where you want to achieve permanent rust protection for a period of up to 10 years (and longer), other methods are used instead, such as choosing corrosion-resistant materials, metal coatings (electroplating, metal spraying, hot dip galvanizing), mineral coatings (enamelling, cementing), organic coatings (coating or coating of plastic) or electrochemical protection.

These choices must already be taken into account already in the design and manufacturing phase. 

In order to restore the surface and protection of galvanized surfaces that have been damaged during welding, drilling, or other processing, zinc spray is often used. Zinc spray is often used in maintenance and at assembly sites, such as in the construction of steel structures, heating and pipe systems, and in repairs of exhaust systems and undercarriage protection of vehicles. Zinc spray is suitable to use, for example, after spot welding. OKS 2511 has strong adhesion to ferrous metals and acts as a permanent rust protection and is an excellent primer for many surface treatments.

Working temperature: up to +490°C

Salt spray test: 480 hours at 50 µm layer thickness

Coating thickness/layer: Approx. 20 µm / application

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