19 October 2016

Pre-coated screw locking from precote

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Pre-coated screw locking from Precote

Pre-coated screw locking from precote®. precote® products for pre-coated screw locking and sealing are today found on the majority of the connections that truck manufacturers and vehicle manufacturers use when the vehicles are assembled. The advantage of pre-coating is that you do not have to apply the locking agent to the thread during assembly, as it is already on the part to be assembled.

Pre-coated screw locking from Precote

Reactive products

precote® reactive products are adhesives. To achieve its properties, the glue must undergo a hardening process (polymerization). After assembly, capsules with glue and hardener burst, causing the precot to begin to harden in the dressing. Before loading the dressing, the product must meet certain strength requirements. The products are tested and evaluated according to DIN 267 Part 27.

Main area of use: Strong locking even under tough dynamic loads / Seals against very high pressures

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Non-reactive products

Non-reactive precote® products form a coating on the surface by drying. Immediately after assembly, the products achieve the properties specified and the application can be used immediately. The main task of the non-reactive products is to seal threads. The locking force is very small and in cases where this is required, the reactive precote® products should be used. The products are tested and evaluated according to DIN 267 Part 28.

Main areas of use: Immediate sealing function after assembly / Can be adjusted slightly

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