Corrosion protection

VCI corrosion protection is an environmentally adapted corrosion protection method to protect components throughout the entire production chain. We offer knowledge and products for every step of your production. Most of the time, we can achieve big improvements with very simple and small changes in the production process.

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VCI Plastic

VCI plastic suits all packaging needs. Our VCI plastic range ranges from polyethylene film for general applications to shrink film, stretch film and reinforced film types.

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VCI Paper

Cortec VpCI® protective paper provides corrosion protection in various applications within packaging during storage and transport. Our VCI papers are made from neutral/natural kraft paper which is completely recyclable as a paper raw material.

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VCI Foam

VCI foam combines corrosion protection and desiccant simply and effectively in a single step. Foam can be used separately or to reinforce VCI plastic film or other VCI packaging products for a guaranteed fully protected package.

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VCI Emitter Rust Protection

VCI Emitter

With VCI emitter, you avoid oxidation and corrosion that can occur in enclosed spaces after temperature variations and other external influences. VCI emitter fits perfectly in electrical equipment such as electrical cabinets, sensitive lighting equipment, control systems and junction boxes.

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VCI Oil-based

In our range of oil-based VCI products you will find options for many different types of applications. We have products for indoor and outdoor protection, products that can be applied with fog technology or by dipping and spraying.

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VCI Water-based / Bio-based

Water-based corrosion protection products are a good choice when you want an alternative to the more traditional oil-based products. They are often comparatively kind to people and the environment, but with maintained performance and corrosion protection effect.

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VCI Corrosion Remover

Our rust removers are tough on rust, but kind to users and the environment. They effectively remove rust and oxide coatings from many types of metals without affecting the metal surface.

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VCI Degreasing / Cleaning

By using VCI products already in the cleaning step, you can integrate the cleaning directly into existing manufacturing processes. Clean and rustproof at the same time!

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VCI Additive

Our VCI additives enable highly efficient, economical and environmentally friendly corrosion protection for the process industry. The products protect both in the liquid and vapor phase as well as through contact protection.

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We deliver knowledge and quality

Rust is a complex area where there is a lot of money and goodwill to be had, if done right. With our knowledge and our broad VCI corrosion protection program, we help protect the entire production chain – from raw material to finished product delivered to the end customer. Rust not only attacks the products, by extension also the quality seal of your company's brand. Tribotec VCI corrosion protection from removes the bad will caused by rust-damaged parts. Don't let company resources rust away.

Our corrosion protection is environmentally friendly

Details to be packed, shipped or stored are all too often exposed to rust. With Tribotec's intelligent rust protection, you get complete corrosion protection with environmentally friendly VpCI technology. Our corrosion protection solutions are based solely on environmentally friendly products. In combination with the fact that solvents do not need to be used for cleaning, the corrosion protection is the most user-friendly on the market. The corrosion protection itself is largely recyclable.

Training and global support

The corrosion protection group gives you all the knowledge you need about VCI corrosion protection. Over the years, we have helped many companies, large and small, to increase profitability by reducing rust attacks on their products and thereby avoiding complaints from customers. The rust prevention group will be happy to come out to you and also conduct training. A good investment against rust.

What is VCI/VpCI corrosion protection?

Dry corrosion protection: The products to be protected are placed, for example, in a VCI packaging (VpCI), for example a bag. When the bag is sealed, an active process starts that gives you comprehensive corrosion protection down to the smallest porosity, for as long as you wish.

Liquid corrosion protection: The products to be protected are dipped, sprayed or brushed with a liquid VCI product (VpCI), for example a water-based VCI corrosion protection.